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Russell Wilson TD Run Puts Seahawks Up On Bills, 7-0

As they tend to do against young quarterbacks, the Buffalo Bills are making Seattle Seahawks starter Russell Wilson look like... well... Doug Flutie.

Wilson was lights out on the opening drive of today's game in Toronto, completing 4-of-4 passes for 53 yards - two of those throws moving the chains on third down plays, to boot. He then capped off the scoring drive with a 14-yard touchdown run on a well-designed read option play; Buffalo's defense keyed hard on running back Marshawn Lynch, leaving Wilson's path to the end zone almost totally unencumbered. Bryan Scott, in particular, screwed up his assignment in a massive way.

Buffalo looked completely listless on the drive, giving up two third down conversions and a 20-yard completion to fullback Michael Robinson. That was the kind of defense the Bills play when they're on the verge of getting completely blown out. So yeah - count me among the thousands that would rather be doing anything else than watching this game right now.