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Russell Wilson Scores Again, Seahawks Lead Bills 14-0

Remember that whole "the Buffalo Bills are making Russell Wilson look like Doug Flutie" thing? Well it's still happening.

The Seattle Seahawks now lead the Bills 14-0 with 5:46 remaining in the first quarter after Wilson's second rushing touchdown of the day - this one from 25 yards out. He had a 14-yard rushing touchdown on the opening drive of the game, and now has four carries for 59 yards and the two scores on just two possessions. (He's also been sacked twice, but it clearly hasn't mattered.)

The two Seahawks touchdown drives sandwiched an opening Bills offensive possession that began with a false start and ended with a C.J. Spiller screen pass that lost nine yards. That's been Buffalo's day so far, three drives in: Wilson rushing score, horrible offense, Wilson rushing score.

This is laughable, folks. If you're not a sucker that runs a Bills blog, you may want to consider checking out of this one early.