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Bills vs. Seahawks: C.J. Spiller TD Makes It 14-7 Seattle

When the Buffalo Bills can get C.J. Spiller going, they're a really dangerous offense. Case in point: in cutting the Seattle Seahawks' lead to 14-7, Spiller carried four times for 27 yards on the eight-play, 72-yard drive, and capped the drive off with a 14-yard touchdown run.

Spiller also had an eight-yard run on the drive, turning nothing into something as only backs of his caliber can do.

Who else likes it when Chan Gailey's hand is forced and he has no choice but to give Spiller the ball? I know I do; even when the Bills are losing like they are at the moment, they're infinitely more fun to watch when Spiller is getting his touches.

Buffalo has reclaimed a bit of momentum in this game with the first quarter coming to a close. Time will tell if the team's thus-far hapless defense can turn it around enough to make this a competitive endeavor.