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Seahawks Stomping Bills, Lead 24-7 In Second Quarter

After a brief C.J. Spiller interlude, things have returned to the way they started in Toronto, as the Seattle Seahawks have opened up a 24-7 lead on the Buffalo Bills with very little difficulty moving the football offensively.

After Spiller's 14-yard touchdown run made it 14-7, the Seahawks drove down the field - largely on the legs of a 36-yard pass from Russell Wilson to Golden Tate on a called flea-flicker - before stalling out and kicking a short field goal. Buffalo's ensuing offensive drive featured three short passes - two of which were incomplete - and after a punt, the Seahawks were back in business.

That's when Marshawn Lynch raced through the line untouched on a 54-yard scamper deep into Bills territory. Wilson hooked up with tight end Zach Miller on the next play for a four-yard touchdown pass and a 24-7 lead.

Seattle now has four scores (three touchdowns and a field goal) on four possessions in this game. It'd take a New England-level offense to keep pace with that; Buffalo has Buffalo's offense.