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Seahawks 50, Bills 17: embarrassment reaches new lows for Buffalo

The Buffalo Bills barely looked interested in playing competitive football while getting steamrolled by the Seattle Seahawks, 50-17.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what I do when the Buffalo Bills get blown out in a football game, as they did in a 50-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks this afternoon in Toronto: I finish the game recap as early as possible so that I can continue enjoying my life. As such, this game recap was completed with 9:20 remaining in the fourth quarter; I made some dinner, drank a beer, folded some laundry and played with my cats while waiting for 0:00 to click the publish button. I was in the same mental space as every other fan, the game's referees, and probably even the Bills themselves.

It's not as if you need us to break down the various intricacies of the degree to which the Bills were decimated, right? Y'all watched the game. Even if you didn't, doesn't the score sort of say it all? There's a stat sheet here; it's as ugly as you might imagine. For more than a half of football, this felt like a pre-season game.

C.J. Spiller broke 1,000 rushing yards and had a nice touchdown run. Stevie Johnson made the catch of his career. That's about as good as it got on a day when Seattle's starting quarterback, Russell Wilson, ran for three touchdowns in the first half, and were rubbing Buffalo's nose in it when they dialed up a (successful) fake punt up by 30 points in the fourth quarter.

Earlier this week, GM Buddy Nix said that he believed the team was a few plays away from being 8-5, and that they're close to being a playoff contender. He is wrong, at least on that last point. They were 5-8 entering the game, and after a completely uninspired performance with little to no pride to speak of, they're 5-9, officially (and mercifully) eliminated from playoff contention, and look to be steeped in the same losing culture that has been prevalent at One Bills Drive for the past decade-plus. This team is not anything other than pathetic.

See you all tomorrow morning for what I'm sure will be a fun-filled Monday; MRW is going to be particularly thrilled with his morning links post. Enjoy Homeland tonight, folks.