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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 12/17

I didn't read a lot of these links - I value my sanity - but you should definitely peruse the headlines after Sunday's debacle in Toronto.

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John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports
Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Bills beaten badly by Seahawks in Toronto -
"Wilson rushed for three touchdowns and threw another while former Bill Marshawn Lynch rushed for 113 yards on 10 carries and a score. The two combined for over 200 rushing yards as a tandem."

Ryan Fitzpatrick: It went downhill fast -
Fitz on the crowd being a factor behind losing in Toronto: "None. This is just something that we know is part of it. That atmosphere is definitely different than the Ralph."

Stevie Johnson: "It's an ugly loss" -
"Coach said it’s about playing for pride now. It isn’t adjustments (or anything). Forget all that, it’s just football now. We got to go out and play football, no playoffs but we’ve got to go down to Miami and get this win."

Chan Gailey: "The buck stops with me" -
Chan: "We played bad. We played poorly. If you play poorly against a good football team, you are going to look extremely bad. We played poorly and we looked extremely bad. We did."

Players react after 50-17 loss to Seattle -
Mario Williams, George Wilson, C.J. Spiller, and T.J. Graham had short quotes from the locker room.

Bills Roundup: Buffalo Blown Out by Seattle - VIDEO -
"Seattle rushed for 270 yards and 4 touchdowns, while the Bills turned the ball over 3 times, leading to an easy 50-17 win over Buffalo."

Seattle Seahawks vs. Buffalo Bills highlights - VIDEO -
"Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson put on a clinic on offense, rushing for three touchdowns and throwing another in a 50-17 romp of the Buffalo Bills."

Inside The Bills | Bills officially out of playoff contention
"With their ninth loss of the season Sunday the Bills were officially eliminated from playoff contention."

Inside The Bills | Bills look for more focus when adversity hits
Stevie Johnson: ’We’ve got to understand that yeah they put a lot of points up and they went up early on us, but we’re still only down 10 points."

Inside The Bills | Bills defenders call performance a setback
"Despite practicing it time and again during the course of the practice week the Bills had no answer for Seattle’s read option running attack with Russell Wilson, who had 92 yards on nine carries and three rushing touchdowns"

Inside The Bills | Spiller 2nd only to Feathers
"Bills RB C.J. Spiller with his 10 first half carries against the Seahawks for 56 yards has now reached 1,000 rushing yards on the second fewest carries in NFL history, with just 154 in 2012."

WGR 550 SportsRadio - HAMILTON: The Bills Are Again Destroyed
"The Bills have given up 45 points or more four times this season. The last team to do that was the 1986 New York Jets."

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Sideline Reactions: Seahawks 50 - Bills 17
"The way the Bills presented themselves in that game, it reeked of unpreparedness and a defeatist attitude." This is from a guy who is standing on the sidelines during the game. He can see and hear everything.

Wrap-up: Seahawks 50, Bills 17 - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"It’s one thing to lose, but the Bills did not look ready to play and were embarrassed. That is a sign of both devising poor game plans and players not showing up."

C.J. Spiller still puts up solid fantasy numbers in blowout -
"C.J. Spiller averaged 6.1 yards per carry in Week 15."

Seahawks Beat Bills 50-17: Seattle is the new offensive juggernaut - Field Gulls
"Well this has been the funnest two weeks I've had since I went to the Bahamas with Donald."

Playground bully, Pete Carroll, steals the Buffalo Bills' lollipop - SB Nation Seattle
"A fake punt run late in the game while up 30 points is sure to draw plenty of criticism from the rest of the world, but fans of the Seahawks should take solace in the kind of killer instinct it shows."

Pete Carroll isn't running up the score oh wait nevermind fake punt -
Catch a GIF of the fake punt and everything.

Stevie Johnson makes a ridiculous catch -
"You're going to want to watch this Stevie Johnson catch." Skip the celebration next time, Stevie. You were down by a lot.

Lynch lets his performance do the talking - Buffalo News
"Lynch added a 13-yard touchdown run in the third quarter, the 28th of his Seahawks career. The Bills as a team have rushed for 27 since Lynch was traded."

Overmatched, outfoxed Bills let Seahawks dominate - Buffalo News
I'm assuming this report card is not very good.

Tale of two QBs showcases Bills' shortcomings - Buffalo News
Bucky Gleason wrote something. I did not read it. No offense in tended.

‘Home' game up north exposes lack of heart - Buffalo News
Jerry Sullivan said on Twitter he'd try to be nice. Then he called the game maybe "the most embarrassing loss in team history."

Spiller's not in the mood to celebrate a grand milestone - Buffalo News
Spiller: "Yeah, it's good to rush for a thousand, but when you get your brains beat in like that, there's nothing to be happy about."

Quarterly Report - Buffalo News
I'll bet you can literally read the wheels falling off the team as the game progresses.

Seattle Seahawks crush Buffalo Bills - Democrat and Chronicle
Sal Maiorana is prbably not kind in his story.

Maiorana's Musings - Democrat and Chronicle
"After watching PSY's performance of his Gangnam nonsense at halftime, I am moved to think he'd fit in well with the Bills defense, except for the fact that at least he has one hit." ZING!

Sal's Six Points - The Answers - Democrat and Chronicle
The Bills Toronto Series ensures embarrassment in two countries, writes Maiorana.

Report card - Democrat and Chronicle
"Dave Wannstedt's defense looked like it did back in September and October, meaning it was an embarrassment to NFL defenses everywhere."

Seahawks destroy Bills in Toronto - Wellsville Daily Reporter
"You're angry at yourself because you didn't get the team ready to play at the level they needed to play to win the ball game," said Bills head coach Chan Gailey.

Buffalo Bills Week 15 Report Card: An embarrassing loss north of the border - Auburn Pub
Special teams got a C. I was surprised with any high score.

Seahawks pulverize Bills in Toronto | Toronto Sun
"Surprisingly, a sizeable portion of the Rogers Centre crowd cheered for the Seahawks."

It's time for the Bills to clean house | Toronto Sun
"This Nix-Gailey-Fitzpatrick marriage simply is not working. It’s time to clean house of all three."

Bills in Toronto: Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ halftime hit -
"The crowd roared and many in attendance, especially the younger ones, danced along with him as Bills fans, for a few minutes, forgot about trailing 31-17 after two quarters."

Seahawks outclass Bills in Rogers Centre mismatch - The Globe and Mail
"I’m very frustrated," said Fitzpatrick, showing a vastly different persona after this contest than the funny, high-spirited quarterback who met media after leading the Bills to victory in Toronto last year and had earned a big extension.

Changes are coming, but the Bills will be back - The Globe and Mail
"At any rate, whoever is coaching the Bills or whoever is quarterbacking the team will likely have another game in Toronto on their agenda. It’s part of the deal. Time everybody dealt with it."

Little enthusiasm for Bills in Toronto as series wraps up | National Post
"There were Bills jerseys in the crowd, but perhaps just as many fans were wearing jerseys in support of the day’s opposition, the Seattle Seahawks."

The Bills and Toronto deserve each other - The Province
"It's not like Toronto sports fans aren't used to catastrophic failures by their home teams so at least the Buffalo Bills fit into the Toronto sporting landscape."

Bills Have Quit on Gailey |
"Until this game, I thought the Bills still wanted to play for Gailey, but barring a miraculous turnaround in the next couple weeks, the search should be on."

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Bills Fall Apart In Toronto
"It's 4:26 pm and the Bills game has already become unwatchable."

Immediate Reactions: Seahawks 50, Bills 17 | THE BEST OF NICK MENDOLA LIVE
"I’ll say it: the Bills have quit and are about to get smoked like so many dead animals in a Ralph Wilson Stadium tailgate lot. Give the points and the cannoli."