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Buffalo Bills New Lease: Reaction, News & Links

Collected links from around the internet about the Buffalo Bills' new stadium lease.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE
Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Buffalo Bills Announce Commitment to stay in WNY -
"Under the agreement, the Bills are legally committed to remain in their current location for at least seven years, regardless of ownership."

Governor Cuomo Announces Agreement to Keep Bills in Buffalo | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
"The Agreement signed today by the Governor, the Buffalo Bills, and Erie County includes a commitment from the Bills to stay in Buffalo for at least the next seven years, and $130 million in upgrades to Ralph Wilson Stadium."

Fans to benefit from Bills new lease deal -
"It’s going to update the technology of the building where we’re a state of the art franchise in terms of the technology elements we provide our fan base," said Brandon. "It’s going to update restrooms, update concessions and provide new options for concessions."

Inside The Bills | Committed to Buffalo
Russ Brandon: "This is, as I mentioned early, this is a monumental day for us. The Buffalo Bills are right here in Western New York—where we are going to be for many decades to come."

Inside The Bills | Buyout option window is brief
"But once that brief buyout window closes, the remainder of the term of the deal (3 years) will still operate under the $400M relocation penalty."

Inside The Bills | Lease deal still needs ratification
"The NFL is expected to ratify the new lease agreement at the owners meetings in Arizona in March. It is expected to be approved by NFL ownership."

Inside The Bills | Bills fans react to new lease agreement
Tweets and photos from the press conference and the aftermath.

Bills Roundup: 10 Year Lease Agreement - VIDEO -
"Chris Brown recaps a busy day at One Bills Drive, as the team, Erie County, and New York State agreed to a new 10 year lease to keep the team in western New York."

Lease Announcement Press Conference - VIDEO -
"Watch the entire press conference, as Bills CEO Russ Brandon, and several elected officials talk about the new 10 year lease that will keep the Bills in western New York."

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Bills Players React To Lease News
"Here are some of the reactions from those that have the most direct impact on what happens on Sundays throughout the season:"

WGR 550 SportsRadio - HAMILTON: This Is A Good Deal
"The keys to me are twofold. First, there is a new Stadium Advisory Group that will be formed to explore the potential for construction of a new stadium within Erie County. Second, there will be a $130-million capital investment."

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Bills Instill Both Hope And Fear With New Lease Deal
"Now that there is a tiny bit of definition for Buffalo, safety is likely guaranteed for the relatively near-future. And that's fine if you're in to the here and now, but it's hard to ignore what the bell tolls seven years from now."

Buffalo Bills reach agreement on Ralph Wilson Stadium lease - ESPN
"In a breakdown of costs provided by officials, state and county taxpayers are on the hook for $226.8 million for the duration of the lease. That includes a series of annual payments for annual capital and game-day expenses."

Bills agree to 10-year lease - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"That pretty much amounts to a "band-aid" contract for the next seven years."

New Bills lease is good news, but now fix the team - The Buffalo News
Russ Brandon: "I understand it, but it becomes tiresome. Mr. Wilson’s loyalty is unmatched as any owner in professional sports, and I think we should be here today to applaud him."

Bills agree to lease deal with $130 million in stadium upgrades - Buffalo News
Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy: "The Buffalo Bills never wanted to leave."'

Deal solidifies Bills presence here - Buffalo News
"With a 94-year-old owner, a stadium in need of massive renovations and a league hungry for teams in Los Angeles, the stadium buyout clause was reason to pause." At least briefly.

Bills' players happy about lease - Buffalo News
With the Bills practicing yesterday, they were on hand to discuss the new lease and the next seven years in Buffalo.

New Bills lease leaves most fans cheering - Buffalo News
The Buffalo News asked fans on the street what they thought of the new lease.

How the deal finally came together - Buffalo News
We go inside the deal, to see how Roger Goodell's relationship with Governor Cuomo helped the deal get done. Albany bureau reporter Tom Precious, the man who broke the story, shares what he knows.

Staying put - Buffalo News
"Losing the Buffalo Bills would be a devastating blow to Western New York, and that is simply unacceptable."

Buffalo Bills sign lease deal with New York, Erie County - Democrat and Chronicle
"Our commitment now is for the renovation of Ralph Wilson Stadium. What's exciting is that as a committed group of leaders we're going to look into the potential for a new stadium in the next decade or so and see if it makes sense."

Lease agreement a holiday gift for Bills' fans - Democrat and Chronicle
Leo Roth: "Proving that it's much easier to get a stadium than a team to "conform to the accepted standards of an NFL franchise," a lease deal that seemed on the rocks just a few months ago was hammered out by Bills and government officials."

What does lease agreement mean for long-term future? - CBS Sports
"Is this deal enough to keep the Bills from moving to L.A.? For the next seven years, that certainly appears to be the case. After that? It remains up in the air."

Bills' players, coaches react to new stadium lease - CBS Sports
"Me, I like the deal," WR Steve Johnson said. "I know I'm here for another five. So I'm happy about it. I like the area, that's why I re-signed. I think that's just comforting for the fans outside, to know that we'll be here for another seven."

Bills Sign 10-Year Lease Deal to Stay in Buffalo |
"Copy of Memorandum of Understanding can be found on the side of this page."

Investigative Post: Bills Lease by the Numbers |
"Compare that with Kansas City, where taxpayers spent $250 million to renovate Arrowhead Stadium. Or the $160 million spent by taxpayers to renovate Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. Or the $548 million Minnesota taxpayers will pay for a new stadium for the Vikings."

New Lease with Bills to Add Improvements to Stadium | WKBW
"I think we were nervous as a group," commented Matt Sabuda from the Buffalo Fan Alliance. "But I think seeing a $400 million dollar relocation fee over the first seven years is just an amazing achievement."

Buffalo Bills Sign Lease Deal With New York, Erie County -
"I will note right now that the Bills could leave for $2 million," Erie County Executive Mark Polancraz said. "Last year, they could have left this community for $2 million based on the prior lease. If they wanted to leave, they could have left for peanuts but [The Bills] have been committed to this community."

Bills strike 10-year lease deal | Football | Sports | Toronto Sun
"In the immediate future, there will be no Los Angeles Bills. Or Toronto Bills. Or Rancho Cucamonga Bills. Or any other kind of NFL Bills other than the Buffalo variety."

Lease extension for Bills done - Buffalo - Business First
"Gov. Andrew Cuomo could not make it to the live announcement because of weather but said by phone it was a "fair agreement to all parties" as it addresses the issues of a 40-year old stadium."

New Bills lease could trigger new stadium - Buffalo - Business First
"It’s important that we start talking about this now," Poloncarz said.

Ralph Wilson Stadium is sixth-oldest facility in NFL - Buffalo - Business First
"Friday's lease extension for the Buffalo Bills guarantees that the National Football League's sixth-oldest stadium will remain in service for at least seven years."

Consultant: $400M buyout is big number for Bills - Buffalo - Business First
"Ganis, who is familiar with NFL leases and was involved in the relocation of both the Rams and Raiders, says that the Bills could have easily demanded a zero-dollar or relatively low-cost out clause."

Bills staying put after agreeing to new lease - Yahoo! Sports
"With the New York Giants and Jets both playing in New Jersey, the Bills are the NFL's only team based in New York. It's estimated that the state annually earns $20 million in taxes from the Bills."