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Bills 34, Jaguars 18: Input Needed For Buffalo Rumblings Podcast

The Buffalo Bills beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 34-18 on Sunday, and we need your input for the next episode of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast.


The Buffalo Bills beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 34-18 on Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium, and Shooter McGavin wants you to help us out with the next Buffalo Rumblings Podcast!

(Not really. Shooter, better known as Christopher McDonald in the land of reality, probably has no idea we exist, and therefore obviously isn't officially endorsing anything we do or don't do. But we can't get away with not using a picture of Shooter McGavin in Bills gear, right? Right.)

You know the drill by now, Bills fans: we're looking for your input on three topics in particular.

  • Offensive Player of the Game: The running backs were the talk of the town yesterday, but will anyone give Ryan Fitzpatrick and his three touchdowns some love? (Yeah, right. And Grizzly Adams had a beard.)
  • Defensive Player of the Game: Mario Williams, with six sacks in his last five games (and at least one in three straight), is eating right tackles like pieces of... stuff... for breakfast. Can you find someone to top him in this game?
  • Turning Point of the Game: We're looking for that point in the game where the Jaguars looked up into the stands and thought, "Damn you people. This is football. Not a rock concert."

Matt Warren and Brendan Harrington will be recording this week's podcast tomorrow (Tuesday) night, so you can expect it up on the blog early Wednesday morning. As always, thanks for the input and for listening!