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NFL Week 14 Predictions: Can Buffalo Bills Topple St. Louis Rams?

Can the Buffalo Bills (5-7) beat the St. Louis Rams (5-6-1) and win their third straight home game this weekend?

Rick Stewart

There's a difference between predicting an NFL game and having a rooting interest in an NFL game. In many cases this week, my predictions don't jive with what I'd like to see happen. It doesn't help that I'm in a win-and-I'm-in situation with the third-lowest scoring Buffalo Rumblings Fantasy Football team; I need a big week from some key guys that have iffy matchups.

Come for the general NFL stuff, stay for the ridicule that my Bills vs. Rams pick deserves. We'll have much more on that particular matchup in the coming hours and days, obviously.

Broncos 38, Raiders 20: Dear Brandon Myers, Please score lots of garbage time points tonight. Love, Brian.

Falcons 28, Panthers 13: Atlanta is good; Carolina is not.

Bengals 20, Cowboys 17: (... gross gross gross) Go Cowboys!

Browns 27, Chiefs 20: Dear Trent Richardson, Go nuts. Love, Brian.

Colts 28, Titans 17: (... gross gross gross) Go Titans! (Wait, does it matter? If not, screw the Titans.)

Jets 13, Jaguars 7: Hooray, "defense"!

Bears 17, Vikings 13: Obviously, both of Chicago's touchdowns will be scored by the defense.

Steelers 20, Chargers 10: Arnie's got this.

Buccaneers 37, Eagles 23: Dear Josh Freeman, Throw all the touchdowns. Love, Brian.

Ravens 24, Redskins 17: Finally! This is a game I would actually watch.

49ers 26, Dolphins 16: Why can't this team beat St. Louis?

Giants 30, Saints 21: Dear Darren Sproles, Do something awesome. Love, Brian.

Seahawks 20, Cardinals 7: Would anyone agree to taking on Kevin Kolb as a backup if he agreed to steal all of the Seahawks players' passports?

Packers 34, Lions 24: Dear Greg Jennings, Welcome back. Love, Brian.

Patriots 33, Texans 31: Holy crap, I cannot wait to watch this game.

Rams 23, Bills 20: Back in Week 7, as I was tailgating with Matt Warren prior to Buffalo's loss to Tennessee, I told Matt that the Bills would lose at home to the Rams later in the season. He laughed in my face before disagreeing. I can't back down now, right? (It helps that I still believe it. St. Louis is a tough team and matches up well with a Bills team that's still too inconsistent to reliably pick in a winnable game.) Maybe I'll change my mind by Sunday. This is a very winnable game against a team that, in many ways, is very similar to the Bills.

Last Week: 12-4
Season Record: 128-65-1
Bills Predictions: 9-3