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Poll: What Is The Buffalo Bills' Biggest Off-Season Need?

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In putting together our State of the Buffalo Bills Roster series, we asked the Buffalo Rumblings community to vote for the biggest offensive and defensive needs the team has entering the 2012 off-season. Now it's time to continue voting to merge those two lists into one community-developed needs list.

On offense, Rumblers perceive wide receiver to be the team's weakest area. Stevie Johnson is an impending free agent, and the rest of the receivers are either role players or young, unproven players that shouldn't be handed (and may not be worthy of) a No. 2 role. Defensively, defensive end - that's a 4-3 defensive end, and one who rushes the passer - was the clear winner, as the Bills have not had a competent pass rush in years.

Let's get going, folks. Which of these two positions is the Bills' biggest need? Should finding another target (or two) for Ryan Fitzpatrick be the focus, or should finding a pass rusher (or two) for Dave Wannstedt get priority?