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Whitney Houston: Super Bowl XXV Star-Spangled Banner

Last night, word broke that music sensation Whitney Houston had passed away at the age of 48. We're a blog dedicated to the Buffalo Bills, and solely the Buffalo Bills, so it'd take something quite special to be mentioning her here at all, even despite the magnitude of the news.

That special something was her rendition of our national anthem prior to the Bills' Super Bowl XXV matchup against the New York Giants. That was an unforgettable night for any Bills fan that bore witness to it - though the conclusion of the game may cause some to want to forget - but the evening also got off to a memorable start thanks to a performance that most consider the best pre-game national anthem production ever put forth.

We've embedded the video of that performance below. This is not only how I remember one of the most talented voices ever, but also a big part of how I'll remember the Bills kicking off their run of four straight Super Bowl appearances.