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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 2/17

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Wannstedt seeking pass rushers and fast LBs -
"Buffalo’s new defensive coordinator is far from having all the pieces in place for his defense. With free agency a month away, the NFL draft still two months away and a couple of their more important players coming off surgeries Dave Wannstedt still has a few balls up in the air. One thing he is sure of is the need for pass rushing defensive ends and fast moving linebackers."

AP Source: Bills exchanged offers with WR Johnson - Yahoo! Sports
"A person familiar with the discussions told The Associated Press on Thursday that the two sides exchanged offers over the past week, and plan to meet again at the NFL combine in Indianapolis next week. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because negotiations are not being made public."

Transcript: AHC/DC Dave Wannstedt -
The defensive coordinator's Q&A with reporters.

Bills Focus: Dave Wannstedt Sitdown Interview -
Wannstedt sat down with Chris Brown of before his interview with the media.

Inside The Bills | All about winning one-on-ones
"Wannstedt is taking a wait and see approach on Shawne Merriman possibly being that guy, so adding a pass rushing defensive end that can win the one-on-ones is obviously on the team’s shopping list."

Inside The Bills | Kyle update
"Kyle was in town last week and he came back just for his checkups and everything is right on schedule," said Wannstedt. "There has not been a setback in any form or fashion."

Inside The Bills | Wannstedt high on Shep at MLB
"I’ve got all the confidence in the world with Shep being the middle linebacker," said Wannstedt. "To me he’s about what you’re looking for in a 4-3 middle linebacker."

Williams rehab right on schedule - The Buffalo News
"No negative reports, when (McGee) will be cleared," Wannstedt said. "I think Kyle will probably be a little bit ahead of him because of the timing and the type of injury but really with the good news was the injuries that we had were relatively early in the year for the most part and it gave us some extra time from a recovery standpoint..."

Wannstedt wants to win one-on-ones - The Buffalo News
"Dave Wannstedt's meet and greet with reporters Thursday lasted nearly 30 minutes. His overriding message was the need for his players to win more one-on-one matchups against the opposition."

Bills' Wannstedt Says Kyle Williams Will Be Ready By Camp - WGR 550
"Specifically Dareus, who spent the majority of his rookie season entrenched as the team's nose tackle -- Wannstedt believes his second year player has all the makings to make that next leap in progress."

Wannstedt Breaks Down Changes on Bills Defense |
Wannstedt believes the team needs to upgrade their defensive ends to help fit the scheme. "Whenever you go from a three down look to a four down look the obvious are defensive linemen and everybody knows that. But we have a lot of needs. We expect those guys to make plays, we want it to be a defensive line friendly scheme."

Wannstedt Talks About Defensive Switch - YNN
"Our two inside guys, (Marcell) Dareus and Kyle (Williams), it will give those guys a chance to make some plays in there. (Kelvin) Sheppard and Nick Barnett has a place, nothing will change for him. The point was that if you looked at us, we were doing a lot of things where there's carryover within the 4-3 scheme," said Wannstedt.

Walker's Fab 40: Nos. 9-12 - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Fred Jackson barely sneaks into the Top 10. Walker seems to indicate that Jackson's age is what kept him from going higher.

Dolphins, Bills wise to switch to 4-3? - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"For starters, I think it's very smart for the Bills to move to a 4-3. This has been suggested for a while. Whether it was coaching or personnel, the 3-4 simply didn't work in Buffalo. Wannstedt is a 4-3 coach and will run the scheme he's most comfortable with."

Stevie Johnson, Buffalo Bills Exchange Contract Proposals - Big Cat Country
Jags fans react to a receiver coming off the board... not really, but they talk like it.

Gailey upset by number of injuries -
"I'm not sure there is any team that can avoid it (injuries) completely," Gailey said. "It's just whether you get the injuries or not and can you stay healthy during the course of the season with your best players? So that's the key for any team I believe is to try to stay as healthy as possible to make it through the season which you can some years and you can't some years."

Offensive lineman pool appears deep heading to the combine -
Stanford tackle Jonathan Martin is a good fit for the Buffalo Bills, says Bucky Brooks.

Let's make a match: Finding the best free agent for your team - NFL -
Surprise! Surprise! The Bills' perfect match is Mario Williams. Perfect in an on-the-field way.