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Assessing The Buffalo Bills' Defensive Depth Chart

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One of the most frequently-requested features from me by readers of this blog is a defensive depth chart for the Buffalo Bills and their new-look 4-3 defense. Since it's Saturday, and there's not a whole heck of a lot else going on, let's take a look at one.

Please note that the depth chart - which is after the jump - is in no way official. It is purely my opinion, and it's structured less around being buried on the depth chart, and more about what position the player is best suited for. As an example: Alex Carrington appears on the depth chart as a fourth-team defensive tackle, but I've listed him at the "under tackle" position, where I believe he is a best fit in Dave Wannstedt's likely system.

If anyone has any questions about why I placed a player in his particular spot, feel free to ask. Three things that stuck out to me: the Sam linebacker spot is interesting; the team really needs to groom a guy behind Nick Barnett; and wow, is there a depth problem at safety. Last note: bolded names are impending free agents.

Pos. # STARTER # Backup # Reserve # Reserve # Reserve # Reserve
LE 90 C. Kelsay 73 J. Gilbert
NT 99 M. Dareus 96 T. Troup 72 K. Heard
UT 95 K. Williams 98 D. Edwards 91 S. Johnson 92 A. Carrington 97 L. Dotson 93 J. Ross
RE 94 K. Moore 56 S. Merriman
SLB 52 A. Moats 57 D. Batten 49 R. Eddins 53 R. Torbor
MLB 55 K. Sheppard 58 K. Morrison 54 A. Davis 51 C. White ## S. McKillop
WLB 50 N. Barnett 43 B. Scott
LCB 23 A. Williams 24 T. McGee 27 R. Corner 44 P. Miller
SS 37 G. Wilson 25 D. Searcy
FS 31 J. Byrd 47 J. Nesbitt
RCB 29 D. Florence 26 J. Rogers 21 L. McKelvin