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Stanford Routt Will Be Signing Somewhere "Soon," Per Report

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Citing a source, Mike Florio at is reporting that free agent cornerback Stanford Routt will be making a decision about which team he'll next be playing for in the near future.

Routt, released by the Oakland Raiders on February 9, spent last week visiting three teams on his free agent tour: the Cincinnati Bengals, the Kansas City Chiefs, and of course, your Buffalo Bills. The 29-year-old corner was released when, after a down year, the Raiders weren't willing to fully guarantee the $5 million salary he was scheduled to make in 2012.

Conceivably, the Bills - who have reportedly still been talking to Routt's representation since he departed Orchard Park for his next stop on Monday, February 13 - are still in the hunt for Routt's services. Florio notes that Routt may be having trouble generating high interest in his skills, though with three teams hosting him on a visit, he'll still have options.

Routt does not have to make a decision on his next team until he's ready, as he's free to sign whenever he likes. With apparently lukewarm interest, however, Routt may be ready to take a short-term deal to try to ramp up his value for another free agency run in 2013.