Morning Joe! What do you Do?

Good morning Rumblers,

The other day, my wife came to me and said "how do you find time to work everyday for 8 hours, spend time with me, spend time with the dog, work out, and still have time to write posts, watch games, and research material"? My answer was, "well I find time". Then she started to wonder, what else do I find time to do. So I immediately ended that conversation, because I knew where that was going :-)

So I started wondering, "what the heck does my fellow Rumbers do for a living"? How do you manage to work or go to school and still manage to write posts and comment on different articles throughout the day? How do you manage to do extensive research on certain players and come up with 7 mock drafts that include players from Tennessee-Chattanooga State? Some people religiously, read every article, every Fanpost, every Fanshot, and leave comments on everything.

I know for a fact, this had to cross some people mind. Is this Brian full-time gig, or is he a street car racer by night? I think I read somewhere that Matt is a teacher, does he get on his laptop during class and post articles throughout the day.

I'm curious as heck to find out what you guys and gals do; how you manage to be on this site as much as you do and still earn a living? I know some people read articles on their phone, but there is no way you can be operating a Rig on a construction site with your cell phone.

So what do you do Rumblers and how do you do it? I tell you my secret if you tell me yours.

I work for the Federal Gov't and I get in about 6:30 every morning. At 6:30, I immediately come to this site and work on my post (yeah I know, this is where your tax payers dollars are going, lol). This is a great time, because people don't start rolling in here until about 8:30-9:00. So I have ample time to read through some of the articles and Fanpost from the previous night. I try to have my Morning Joe post out by 9:00, so that I can begin work. I have two monitors on my desk, one screen is for Rumbings and the other one is for work. The Rumblings monitor is at an angle, so that no one can see what's on it :-). Throughout the day, I check to see what's going on and add comments where necessary.

After work on my way home, I take the train. It's about a 30 minute ride so I manage to get in some extra rumbling time. After I work out, I do a lot of my readings and research on my iPad. It allows me to multi-task on other things as I read more articles.

So there you go, it's your turn.

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