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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 2/25

Inside The Bills | Fan Friday 2-24
Chris Brown answers questions on the Bills taking an offensive tackle, adding DeSean Jackson and Robert Meachem, progress with Stevie and Fred contracts, Kirk Morrison, and the progress of Marcus Easley.

Nix: We'll be aggressive - The Buffalo News
"I’ve said since Day One and it’s a philosophy that I think is one that works, that you build through the draft," Nix said after attending the weigh-ins of players at Lucas Oil Stadium this morning. "But you also gotta be alert if you’ve got a couple of holes you think you need to fill. And if they’re available in free agency, I think you go get ‘em. That’s going to be our approach. We’ll be aggressive."

Progress made in talks with Johnson - The Buffalo News
"We had a very productive meeting," said Johnson's representative, C.J. LaBoy, after a session with Jim Overdorf, Bills senior vice president for football administration. "I'm very optimistic. I'm looking forward to continue talking."

Inside The Bills | Bills working to get Chandler done
"We’re in contact with his representatives and we’re trying very hard to get him back in the fold and get a deal done with him," said Whaley.

Inside The Bills | Bills met with Johnson’s reps
"We’ve met with their agent here today and we’re still talking, it’s an ongoing thing," said Nix. "We meet with a lot of agents at the combine, probably 20 to 25 that we visit with and he’s just another one of them. It’s ongoing and as long as there’s communication you’ve got a chance."

Inside The Bills | Randy Moss not on Bills radar
"It’s not an option for us. Not at all," Nix said. "We’re not going in that direction. We’re into young guys and putting guys out there that are going to play for more than a year or two."

Inside The Bills | Fred Jackson update
"I told him personally that we were going to offer him an extension on his contract and try to get it done before camp next year," said Nix of their face-to-fact meeting last fall. "Obviously he’s got to agree to it, but the offer will be there."

Nix: Johnson meeting one of many -
"In the dealings with Steve there are some business decisions that obviously you have to make," said Nix. "The biggest thing for me is we don’t get ourselves in a position where we can’t sign some of the other core guys. I’m going to make sure (that doesn’t happen) because we need all those guys and like to have them all back. And we’re working on that."

Nix keeping pass rush options open -
"There are a lot of good players that will be there in the third and fourth round, which normally is not the case," said Nix. "I think there are defensive ends and guys that can do what we want. Maybe not big name guys that are going to excite a lot of people, but that’s beside the point anyway if they can play good."

Bills Focus: Buddy Nix Sitdown Interview -
Nix sits down for the team's website.

Bills Roundup: Day Two Wrap, Free Agent Update -
Chris Brown wraps up Friday's media sessions and interviews with Doug Whaley and Buddy Nix.

Nix: Don't force a need in draft - The Buffalo News
"No matter what position," Nix said, stressing his desire to take the best player. "The one thing we’ve been missing is playmakers. A guy that can make the difference in the game. We’ve got good players. We don’t have many of those guys."

Bills have budget target on Stevie - The Buffalo News
"The thing the fans don’t understand is I’ve got to decide what’s it going to do to us if we pay this much. If we overpay this guy, does it mean now we can’t sign Eric Wood, or whoever," Nix said. "That’s the hard part."

Bills need to take step, but won't reach - The Buffalo News
"We need pass rushers, a guy who can set the edge as a defensive end," Nix said. "I want to make this clear -- we can't reach for a defensive end because we need him."

Nix Says Bills Rolled Cap Over To '12 - WGR 550
"Well we are," said Nix. "I wouldn't get in to how much, but we did it all. Everything we were allowed to do, we did."

Bills Nix Talks Stevie, Disputes Franchise Tag Report - WGR 550
With the two sides still apart in terms of a long-term figure, what's the game plan if Johnson doesn't re-sign with the Bills? That just doubles the need, Nix said.

Bills' Nix Breaks Down The 2012 DE Class - WGR 550
"One of the biggest needs for the Buffalo Bills in this off-season will be getting a pass rusher that can put some heat on the quarterback. With the opportunity to speak with Bills GM Buddy Nix, who is a scout at heart, I asked him about the class as a whole and some of the players available:"

Chan Gailey: C.J. Spiller can carry load - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"He could be an every-down back. I don't see any reason he couldn't carry 20-25 if he needed to," Gailey said of Spiller. "But he’s a valuable, versatile player. He can play wideout. We’re fortunate to have two very good backs. I’m going to try to make sure we keep them fresh and wear ‘em out at the same time. Does that make sense? But you want them to be on the field doing something, running routes, creating a threat for the defense."

Did Fitzpatrick play with broken ribs? | Toronto Sun
"I knew he’d taken a shot," Gailey told reporters Thursday at the NFL Scouting Combine. "It was more in the chest, I thought, than it was in the ribs.

CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - NFL - Bills seek defensive improvement
"It is THE priority," Bills GM Buddy Nix told QMI Agency in a one-on-one interview Friday morning at the NFL Scouting Combine. This is in regards to the pass rush. - Pressure no different for Gailey
"I've been in this thing too long to feel different pressure," Gailey told PFW from the NFL Scouting Combine. "If you don't have the pressure inside of you to go out there and try to win a championship every year, you ought to not be in the business."