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Help Buffalo Rumblings: Ask Your Bills-Related Questions Tonight!

I've got one last post about the SB Nation YouTube channel, which launches tomorrow, and this one deals specifically about Buffalo Rumblings (very near) future involvement with the project.

As I mentioned earlier today, we're soliciting ideas for our video features here at Rumblings, even though we have a few solid ideas to be getting on with for the moment. One of them: a mailbag feature, where I'll be fielding questions from faithful Rumblings readers and answering them in a manner where you won't have to try to decipher my words, for once! I'm excited about this feature in particular, as it'll be a great way to leverage the ideas of this wonderful community into something much more portable.

With any luck, I'll be starting up some test runs with the new camera tomorrow, but in order to do so, I'll need your help: I need questions, pronto! So submit your Buffalo Bills-related questions here, and I'll answer them as I prepare Rumblings for its YouTube launch, which hopefully will be next week.

And, in the meantime, here's one more promo video for you: Bomani Jones, of Around The Horn fame, is coming to SB Nation with his new program, Bomani & Jones. Check it!