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New NFL Network Schedule Means Buffalo Bills Will Play In Prime Time

The Buffalo Bills will be returning to prime time football in 2012. But don't worry - so will every other NFL team.

A new league initiative will place one prime-time Thursday night game on NFL Network from Weeks 2-15 starting in 2012; between that development and the already-existing Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football schedules, all 32 NFL teams will be playing at least one prime-time game per season moving forward, according to commissioner Roger Goodell.

Of course, this news is likely to be met by groans from Bills fans that remember the team's recent history on a national stage. Their most recent prime time game occurred in Week 1 of 2009 - burgeoned by the team's signing of Terrell Owens - when they blew an 11-point fourth-quarter lead to fall 25-24 to New England in Tom Brady's triumphant return from a knee injury. The team also lost two more Monday Night Football games in preceding seasons - a 25-24 loss to Owens and Dallas in 2007, and then a dreary 29-24 defeat at the hands of Cleveland in 2008. That goes without mentioning a 56-10 loss to New England on Sunday Night Football in '07, as well.

What do you make of the Bills returning to prime time in 2012?