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Poll: Which Buffalo Bills Free Agent Gets Post-Stevie Priority?

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There's little question that when it comes to Buffalo Bills free agents, Stevie Johnson is atop nearly every fan's wish list in terms of players to be re-signed. Our question for you today, Bills fans, is which of the team's other unrestricted free agents follows Johnson on that list?

In the poll below, we've listed every single unrestricted free agent the Bills have this season - sans Stevie, of course - lest anyone that really wants to vote for Dave Rayner be left out. (Don't vote for Rayner. Everyone that votes for Rayner is obviously a Patriots, Jets or Dolphins fan. Probably Dolphins. Lame. At the very least, this will give us an unofficial troll count.) Note also that restricted and exclusive rights free agents are not involved here, as they are far easier to retain.

The poll is below, and the comments section is yours to debate the merits of your vote, and the other nominees you considered. Go!