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Buffalo Bills Are Not In On Robert Griffin III, Per Buddy Nix

Peter King of Sports Illustrated made waves earlier this week when, while discussing the St. Louis Rams and their desire to trade their No. 2 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, noted that the Rams had already received a trade offer from a team "you would never expect."

Naturally, fans of every team with quarterback issues outside of Cleveland, Washington and Miami began wondering if their team was this "mystery team." Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix, in speaking with The Howard Simon Show on WGR 550 Thursday morning, made it very clear that the Bills are not that team. Here was his exchange with Simon:

Simon: "Hey Buddy, have you called St. Louis? Will you call, if you haven't, and inquire about moving up to No. 2 since the pick is apparently available?"
Nix: "No."
Simon: "Have not called?"
Nix: "No."
Simon: "Will not call?"
Nix: "No."

"I've visited with (the Rams)," Nix continued, "but not about that. We talk to everybody, and we kick the tires on everybody, but if we were going to probably move either way, it'd be down, not up."

Nix also re-iterated to Simon what Bills fans have known about him since the beginning: he treats draft picks like gold, and hates surrendering them to move up.

"I never have liked to, and I never have traded picks," Nix said. "I hate giving them up. I like to get them. We've got nine, and I'd like to wind up with ten, and we'll see how that goes."

Is it possible that Nix is blowing smoke to cover up the team's true intentions? Sure. But Nix is not notorious for that kind of behavior, and the blunt nature of his responses to Simon lead us to believe that the Bills genuinely are not interested in shelling out the bounty required to move up eight spots in April.