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Buffalo Bills HC Chan Gailey Approval Poll: March 2012

Buffalo Bills fans state their pleasure, or lack thereof, with head coach Chan Gailey.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

At the start of every month, we're going to poll the readers of Buffalo Rumblings on their state of mind regarding the chief decision-makers of the Buffalo Bills. This is your poll to state your pleasure, or lack thereof, with head coach Chan Gailey. Here are some stories Gailey has been heavily involved with over the last month.

  • Acknowledged, then downplayed, reports that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick played more than half of the 2011 season with cracked ribs.
  • Talked up third-year running back C.J. Spiller, though he did nothing to alleviate concerns that the team doesn't view the former No. 9 overall pick as an every-down back.
  • Confirmed that the plan for Shawne Merriman in the 4-3 defense is to play him as a pass-rushing defensive end.
  • Told reporters at the 2012 NFL Combine that the team is working to re-sign veteran linebacker Kirk Morrison, who would then compete to start at SAM linebacker.

Previous Five Approval Polls
94% approval October 2011 (1% disapproval; 2,096 votes)
99% approval November 2011 (0% disapproval; 3,625 votes)
68% approval December 2011 (16% disapproval; 1,756 votes)
55% approval January 2012 (24% disapproval; 2,041 votes)
78% approval February 2012 (8% disapproval; 1,979 votes)