Morning Joe! Out Of Your League

Good morning Bills Fans,

Phew, what a night. Like most of you, I was up all night burning the midnight oil. Waiting for some news from OBD, BR, NFL Network, ESPN, somebody, telling me that my prayers have been answered. In not to my surprise, they weren't.

Around 11:30 or so, I told my wife "we're not getting him, it's done". Yes folks, it's a done deal. Super Mario will be signing with someone else and probably will be Super for some Super Bowl contending team.

As I laid in bed, tossing and turning trying to figure out what just happen. An ease came across my body and I immediately fell asleep. When I woke up this morning at 5:00, I was surprisingly energetic. I checked my phone to confrim my suspicion, and the headlines on BR said "Mario Won't Sign Tonight, Has Another Visit Planned Thursday". "Robert Meachem Agrees To Four Year Deal With San Diego Chargers". Once again, this ease came across my body, and I just shrugged it off.

After the jump, I'll tell you why the ease came across me, and hopefully after you finish reading it, the same ease will come across you as it did for me.

So here's what happen. I started to reflect on who we (Bills Fans) are and why I'm a Bills fan. Why I remain loyal to my team for over 20 years. Why I continue to go to games, buy Jerseys, pay $300 for the NFL ticket, agonize over bad games, read every article Bills related. I don't know about you, but I live, eat, sleep this $hit. This is my team and this is who we are:

We're that girl who wasn't the "hot chick" in HS. Who people made fun of and laughed at, because they didn't have all of the glits and glamour as the popular girl. Socially awkward and not all that appealing to the eye. Used by the popular kids for test answers, because though not attractive; smart and desperate to be wanted.

So what happens? She gets tired of being that girl, so she decides to lose some weight, dress up, get a makeover, fix her hair, do her makeup, whatever. Hoping and praying that the popular guy accepts her offer to go to the school dance. Of course, he says no as it's not beneficial for him to say yes. Because underneath all of the stuff she put on, she's still the same girl no one likes. Simply put, "He's just out of her league".

Guys, this hold true for us too. There has always been that one girl you were crazy about, but for some reason she wouldn't give you the time of day. So what do you do? You work out, get a fast car, try to make a lot of money, change your wardrobe, etc. But at the end of the day, "She is just out of your league".

Folks, this is what happen last night. We tried to be something we weren't; a big time franchise swinging the money around to attract the "Big Fish", but at the end of the day Mario is just "out of our league". He was able to see, that this isn't who we are and through all the smoke and fog, we're just the Buffalo Bills.

But the good news is this, I'm fine with that. I accept who we are; it's why I'm a fan. A blue collar team, who never quits, who's gritty and one day will persevere. That's what will make the Super Bowl parade that much sweeter. Because we did it our way, the Bills Way! We will one day be that Hot Chick, who in HS everyone picked at. Or that super cool rich guy, who in HS the popular girl never gave the time of day. We will find someone who wants to be a Bill for all the right reasons, and we will appreciate them for that.

So my fellow Rumblers, please don't mourn we'll be okay. Just like always, we'll pick ourselves up, dust our clothes off and come out swinging.

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