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Buffalo Bills Had Right Idea Pursuing Robert Meachem

Things did not work out for the Buffalo Bills in their pursuit of free agent wide receiver Robert Meachem, who signed a four-year contract with the San Diego Chargers very early Wednesday morning. That happens. But the Bills had the right idea in pursuing Meachem.

Meachem - 6'2" with excellent deep speed - was an excellent sub-package deep threat with the New Orleans Saints. Buffalo's pursuit of Meachem was an acknowledgment that not only do they need a starting-caliber receiver opposite Stevie Johnson, that receiver also ideally will be able to stretch defenses vertically. Buffalo had the full-court press on with Meachem, as they reportedly had more planned for Meachem's visit had it extended into Wednesday.

The Bills were the only team to host Meachem on a free agent visit, but ESPN's Bill Williamson reports that they were one of four teams that offered Meachem a deal. The Chargers' contract - which guarantees Meachem $14 million in the first two years of the deal, and which will pay him $6.4 million annually - blew all other offers out of the water, per Williamson. With the finances right, Philip Rivers in place and an opportunity to be a true No. 1 receiver - which he would not have been in Buffalo - likely made the decision that much easier for the sixth-year pro.

It is unclear if the Bills plan on pursuing another vertical receiving threat in free agency, but bearing GM Buddy Nix's Tuesday commentary, we're not counting on that happening soon, if at all.