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Mario Williams Update: Fiance Flown Into Buffalo

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Mario Williams is definitely at One Bils Drive today, as the team has confirmed that he's at team facilities making his "official" free agent visit. The Buffalo Bills also confirmed a Tim Graham report that Williams took a physical as part of the visit, which is routine for every free agent that makes a visit in Buffalo.

ESPN's John Clayton reported - as relayed by WGR 550's Joe Buscaglia - that Williams told team officials Tuesday night that he intends to make other free agent visits before choosing a destination. That could be new information, or it could simply be a continuation of last night's story that Williams has a visit scheduled for Thursday, which came from Jason La Canfora of NFL Network. WIVB's Paul Peck spotted Williams at an airport, where he told the reporter that he was picking up his fiance.

Kyle Williams was the first to confirm that Williams was still in Buffalo this morning, which he did in a candid interview with WGR 550. Take a listen to that for some good insight on what he learned from Mario on Tuesday night.

In reality, this is just a thread with all of the annoying minor updates that nobody cares to read. Instead, I'll kick back in my sun room with my cat and watch y'all endlessly speculate about what may or may not go down in Orchard Park today. I can hardly believe that it's not even Noon yet.