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Mario Williams Will Spend Another Night In Western New York

Contrary to a published report from Pro Football Talk, the Buffalo Bills are publicly stating that free agent defensive end Mario Williams will spend another night in Orchard Park and return to team facilities on Thursday for yet more planned activities on his extended free agent visit.

Williams has been in the Buffalo area since Tuesday evening. Previous reports indicate that Williams has another free agent visit tentatively scheduled for Thursday, and this news in no way negates that report. The Bills' goal will remain the same Thursday morning: keep Williams in town long enough to get him to sign on the dotted line.

And so it seems we'll get at least another 12 hours of intense speculation about whether or not the Bills will be able to close the deal on their most aggressive free agent move since signing Bryce Paup in 1995, and whether or not Buffalo has put together an enticing enough presentation and fiscal offer over the last 24-plus hours to keep him from exploring other options. Fun!