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Robert Meachem Saw Greater Appeal In San Diego Than Buffalo

San Diego Chargers wide receiver Robert Meachem was a guest on Sirius-XM NFL Radio's "Late Hits" program on Wednesday night, where he talked about his decision to sign with San Diego while on a free agent visit with the Buffalo Bills.

"What appealed to me is you have a great quarterback, tall. A great offensive line. And you see coaches really trying to put the pieces to the puzzle," Meachem said. "And you understand that yes they didn't have a great season last year but they did the year before. And for me, I just want to be on a team that can compete and go back to the Super Bowl."

Alex Marvez, a host on the show, also tweeted that locale was a major consideration in his decision to sign in San Diego, seeing as he has two daughters. A producer of the show tweeted that Meachem said on-air that he agreed to terms with the Chargers while sitting in a Buffalo-area hotel room.

Buffalo has since turned its attention to Mario Williams and Mario Manningham now that Meachem is off the radar.