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Bills GM Buddy Nix: "Buffalo's Got An Inferiority Complex"

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Several times since the signing of defensive end Mario Williams, Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix has stated that he's glad the deal got done not just for the team's sake, but for the sake of the fans. He took that sentiment a step further in today's Monday Morning Quarterback interview with Peter King of Sports Illustrated.

"A couple times during the process I thought, 'Why'd we get into this?'," Nix told King. "The downside was huge. If we lose him, I don't know how long it'd take for our fans to recover. They wanted him so bad. But you know, you've got to step up to the plate to have a chance to get a hit. Buffalo's got an inferiority complex. That's why it was so important we get Mario."

Most of the rhetoric following the Williams signing, whether from fans or reporters covering the story, has been about the surprise of Williams choosing Buffalo, or how the move has the potential to change the franchise's fortunes. That speaks to the inferiority complex Nix mentions; nationally, Buffalo is viewed as inferior, and for years that's been accepted locally.

What do you think, Bills fans? Do we still have an inferiority complex, even with Mario in tow?