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Poll: Should The Buffalo Bills Trade For QB Tim Tebow?

With news coming today that Peyton Manning will become the new quarterback of the Denver Broncos, the attention now turns to what happens to the former starter on John Elway's squad. Where will Tim Tebow end up?

In 2010, the Buffalo Bills led by general manager Buddy Nix were interested in drafting Tebow. They hosted him on a visit where he went to dinner with Hall of Fame quarterback and Bills recruiter Jim Kelly. But Buffalo passed on Tebow with the number nine pick, instead selecting C.J. Spiller while Tebow fell to 25th overall.

The Bills do not currently possess a developmental quarterback on their roster but would have to send something to the Broncos in trade for the quarterback. They do have a running quarterback option in Brad Smith who could potentially move to wide receiver if Tebow was acquired.

Pretty simple, Bills fans. Would you be willing to swap with Denver for Tebow's services?