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2012 SB Nation NFL Writers Mock Draft: Buffalo Bills Planning

An annual tradition is set to begin anew, friends. That's right: the 2012 SB Nation NFL Writers Mock Draft will soon kick off again, and will once again be hosted over at

More details are forthcoming, but this will be the sixth straight year that this blog will have represented the Buffalo Bills in this exercise. (My, how time flies.) After a few spotty years of drafting, I finally came out of a mock looking half-way intelligent last year, selecting Patrick Peterson at No. 3 overall and Jake Locker at No. 34. Both players were ultimately Top 10 picks in the real deal, both played well as rookies, and both look to have bright futures. (All the same, I'm glad the team ended up with Mr. Dareus.)

While we won't make our pick for another day or two behind the scenes, we're looking for some preliminary input on our pick. Let's assume that the following six players are gone (because they will be): Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon, Matt Kalil and Morris Claiborne. That makes three more guys to go before the Bills pick. Therefore, we're looking for your list of the best four fits for the Bills beyond those six guys. We'll use your feedback to help make our selection. Go!