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A Philosophically Driven Buffalo Bills Roster Anomaly

Yes, it's the off-season, so roster personnel counts don't matter at this point, as teams are still adding and subtracting players in advance of the 2012 NFL Draft. Still, there's one fact about the Buffalo Bills roster, as it currently stands, that should be pointed out if only for the philosophical take-away.

As of today, the Bills have 17 defensive linemen on the roster. That is equal to the combined total of linebackers (seven) and defensive backs (ten) on the team at the moment.

Obviously, that is going to change - the team is expected to add depth at linebacker, cornerback and potentially even safety in the draft - and the ratio of linemen to everything else that the Bills carry into the regular season will be significantly smaller. Still, you can chalk this current roster anomaly up to another instance of brutal honesty from the Bills' football department: Dave Wannstedt said he wanted a defense driven by defensive line play, and that's where the Bills have concentrated their resources to this point in the off-season.