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2012 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills Awarded A Compensatory Pick

The Buffalo Bills were one of 15 teams to receive a compensatory pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the league announced on Monday. In all, 32 picks were handed out in the third through seventh rounds. Buffalo's pick is a seventh-rounder.

In order to receive a compensatory pick, a team must lose more in free agent acquisitions than it acquires in the previous year. It can be based on sheer number of free agents, as well as the impact of those players and salary. Buffalo is one of three teams that did not have a net loss of free agents in number, but when salary was taken into account, the Bills were awarded a pick.

The Bills received the final compensatory pick awarded through the process, the 251st overall pick. To bring the number to 32, Indianapolis and St. Louis both received an additional pick following Buffalo's selection based on their 2011 record.

Buffalo signed Tyler Thigpen and Brad Smith and lost Paul Posluszny and Donte Whitner, according to the league's press release. No doubt, Pozluszny's huge deal with the Jaguars is the main reason for Buffalo's added pick.

Buffalo now has ten total selections with the addition of picks from trades of Lee Evans and Marshawn Lynch.