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2012 NFL Draft: Three Early Favorites Of Buffalo Bills Fans

On Monday, we ran two polls here asking Buffalo Bills fans to vote for their early favorite 2012 NFL Draft prospect at both left tackle and wide receiver. With the bulk of pre-draft discussions still focused on those two positions, we're combining the polls to form one last super-poll this morning.

In the tackle poll, two players split the majority of the vote essentially down the middle, with Riley Reiff of Iowa and Jonathan Martin of Stanford combining to form about three-quarters of the voting results. At wide receiver, there was one clear run-away winner, with Michael Floyd of Notre Dame taking a bit more than three of every five votes.

Let's assume, for the sake of this poll, that when the Bills are on the clock at No. 10 overall, these three players - Floyd, Martin and Reiff - are the top three guys on the Bills' draft board. Our question for you: which of these three players, and these three players alone, would you rather see the team select with their first-round pick?