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2012 NFL Draft Order: Buffalo Bills Picks

With yesterday's announcement of compensatory picks for the 2012 NFL Draft, this year's drafting order is now official. As Matt told you yesterday, the Bills got an additional seventh-round pick thanks largely to Paul Posluszny's mega-deal in Jacksonville, giving them 10 total picks next month. For those of you wondering, see the table after the jump for the Bills' selections.

The last time the Bills had 10 picks in the draft and used them all, without trading up or down, was in 2008. That year, the Bills had extra picks in Rounds 4 and 7, but didn't really make good use of most of their picks. Right now, only two of those ten players remain with the organization - cornerback Leodis McKelvin (Round 1) and wide receiver Stevie Johnson (Round 7) - while a third, seventh-round pick Demetrius Bell, is a coveted free agent commodity.

The Bills also had 10 picks in 2002, which is now also considered a notoriously bad draft for the organization. Here's to hoping that the third time's the charm for the Bills with a double-digit amount of picks.

Rd. # Player Pos. College
1 10
2 41
3 71
4 105
4 124
5 144
5 147
6 178
7 217
7 251