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Buffalo Rumblings Community Mock Draft: Sign Up!

I don't think we've ever done this before in a formal capacity. However, after years of throwing heat at my admittedly terrible mock draft picks, it's time for the Buffalo Rumblings community to put its money where its mouth is. (Not really. No money is involved. But you get the point.)

Today, we're announcing the first annual Buffalo Rumblings Community Mock Draft, in which 32 readers from this community will be making first-round draft picks in a mock draft that will eventually also be featured at

Here's how this will work: if you're interested in participating, leave a short comment detailing why you're qualified to GM the team you'd like to GM, and assuring me that you will email me your pick on time so as not to delay this process. We'll review the submissions over the weekend - and we hope to see plenty of recs to aid that process - and announce the draft order on Monday morning. At that point, we'll get this thing rolling, with all picks emailed in to Let's go!