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Could Peyton Manning Land In The AFC East?

The Indianapolis Colts released star quarterback Peyton Manning on Wednesday - if you missed that, we'd like to welcome you back from your trip to the moon and/or your coma - and with a dozen teams already in hot pursuit, two of Manning's suitors reside in the AFC East.

Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets are considered two of four early front-runners for Manning's services. (The other two teams: the Washington Redskins and the Arizona Cardinals.)

Naturally, the idea of Manning landing in the division is daunting for Buffalo Bills fans. The Bills haven't had a winning record in the division since 2007, when both Miami and New York landed Top 6 picks. The division also already features Tom Brady, lest you forget.

It'd be a bigger deal, in my opinion, if Manning ends up in Miami than if he ends up in New York. The Jets already own the Bills, with Buffalo's only win in the last four years coming when Mark Sanchez gifted them five interceptions. They've managed to split with Miami, meanwhile, in two of the last four years. If Manning lands in Miami, the Bills will almost universally be expected to finish last in the division - not that that's not out of the realm of possibility right now, anyways.