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2012 NFL Draft: Brock Osweiler Will Make Pre-Draft Visit With Bills

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Add Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler to the growing list of 2012 NFL Draft prospects that will be making a pre-draft visit with the Buffalo Bills. Osweiler told reporters at his pro day that he had confirmed visits scheduled with four teams, including the Bills,

This report is the latest in a curious series of reports regarding the Bills and the 6'7", 238-pound Sun Devils quarterback. In February, a report surfaced that the Bills had scouts present at four Arizona State football games this past fall. Then Osweiler was one of dozens of prospects that the Bills had a chat with at the 2012 NFL Combine.

A one-year starter in college, Osweiler nonetheless impressed Gil Brandt of so thoroughly at his pro day that Brandt now sees him as a first-round pick. Scouts in attendance, however, pegged Osweiler as a third or fourth-round prospect based on his current CV, but some also acknowledged that his prototypical raw talent could vault him into Round 2.

Either way, there's been enough smoke surrounding the Bills and Osweiler this off-season to safely presume that there's at least an underlying spark. Keep an ear out for Osweiler's name on draft day two - particularly if he survives into the third round.