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BR Community Mock Draft: Detroit Lions Select...

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After an unintended day off, the BR Community Mock Draft is back in full force! The Cincinnati Bengals have traded the No. 21 overall pick to the Detroit Lions for the No. 23 overall pick and Detroit's fourth-round pick, and Detroit's pick is in...

With the No. 21 overall pick in the BR Community Mock Draft, 'ALLaBorde' and the Detroit Lions select South Carolina cornerback Stephon Gilmore.

"I decided to trade with the Bengals and DanRoc because I really wanted one of the top corners in the first round," ALLaBorde explains. "My board was Morris Claiborne, Dre Kirkpatrick, Gilmore and Janoris Jenkins. Once Jenkins was picked, I knew Gilmore was the guy I wanted. Because I didn't want the Bengals or Browns to steal him from me, I had to make a move."

More from the GM after the jump. The Cleveland Browns and GM 'MynameisnotMike' are now on the clock; remember to send your picks to

"At this point, I know cornerback is a huge need for the Lions, especially after the playoff game against New Orleans," continues ALLaBorde. "The other guys I thought about were Jonathan Martin, Cordy Glenn, Whitney Mercilus, Courtney Upshaw and possibly Coby Fleener. In the end, Gilmore is a corner who has size and attributes that the Lions desire. They play in a passing division, and need to be able to defend the pass better. Their offense made big strides last year and their secondary needed this addition, so while giving up a fourth-rounder to move up two spots isn't desirable, it was what had to be done to make my team better."

Rd. # Team Player Pos. College Link/GM
1 1 Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck QB Stanford link
1 2 Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III QB Baylor link
1 3 Minnesota Vikings Matt Kalil OT USC link
1 4 Cleveland Browns Trent Richardson RB Alabama link
1 5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Morris Claiborne CB LSU link
1 6 St. Louis Rams Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State link
1 7 Jacksonville Jaguars Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame link
1 8 Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M link
1 9 Carolina Panthers Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State link
1 10 Seattle Seahawks David DeCastro OG Stanford link
1 11 Kansas City Chiefs Dontari Poe DT Memphis link
1 12 Buffalo Bills Riley Reiff OT Iowa link
1 13 Arizona Cardinals Luke Kuechly LB Boston College link
1 14 Dallas Cowboys Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama link
1 15 Philadelphia Eagles Michael Brockers DT LSU link
1 16 New York Jets Melvin Ingram DE South Carolina link
1 17 Cincinnati Bengals Quinton Coples DE North Carolina link
1 18 San Diego Chargers Mark Barron SS Alabama link
1 19 Chicago Bears Zach Brown LB North Carolina link
1 20 Tennessee Titans Janoris Jenkins CB North Alabama link
1 21 Detroit Lions Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina link
1 22 Cleveland Browns MynameisnotMike
1 23 Cincinnati Bengals DanRoc
1 24 Pittsburgh Steelers JDSym
1 25 Denver Broncos TrufflePig
1 26 Houston Texans NJames
1 27 New England Patriots NoiseIsTheBestRevenge
1 28 Green Bay Packers sellison
1 29 Baltimore Ravens matthew62
1 30 San Francisco 49ers y2bianchi
1 31 New England Patriots suteck
1 32 New York Giants Hybrid1486