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2012 NFL Draft: Ryan Tannehill To Visit Buffalo Bills

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Of the many confirmed 2012 NFL Draft prospects that have visited (or will be visiting) the Buffalo Bills this spring, arguably no name is more intriguing than that of Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Tannehill will be coming to Orchard Park after a weekend pre-draft visit with the Cleveland Browns, reports Peter King of Sports Illustrated.

A former wide receiver, the 6'4", 221-pound Tannehill has seen a similar pre-draft stock trajectory to 2011 prospects like Jake Locker and Christian Ponder; those players were considered marginal first-round talent, but both were off the board before picks in the teens started. Tannehill is in a similar situation; scouts love his tools, but having made just 19 career starts at the position, he's not considered ready to play pro ball.

That likely won't matter, as Tannehill will be a hot draft-day commodity, and seems destined to be picked somewhere in the Top 10. Buffalo may be bringing Tannehill in simply for the benefit of maximizing trade interest in their pick, but it should be noted that Tannehill would be a wonderful fit in Chan Gailey's offense - and that the Bills don't have a long-term solution at the game's most important position beyond Ryan Fitzpatrick.