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Poll: Favorite "Fringe" Pick For Buffalo Bills In 2012 NFL Draft?

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As the 2012 NFL Draft quickly approaches - we're just about a week out, friends! - Buffalo Bills fans continue to hone in on three specific positions when talking about the No. 10 overall pick. Those positions, in no particular order, are wide receiver, offensive tackle and cornerback.

Other positions - or, perhaps more accurately, other players - are now starting to creep into the conversation, however. They're still on the fringe, to be sure, but the quarterback, guard, defensive tackle, linebacker and safety positions are now being addressed in our Round 1 conversations.

That, of course, led us to wonder: if the Bills do indeed surprise us and stray away from one of the obvious positional groups to take a prospect at one of these fringe positions, which would you rather see the team take? The poll below contains the names of five of the prospects that are getting the most play on the fringe of our discussions at the moment, but you're obviously welcome to write in your own vote in the comments section. Let's discuss!