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2012 NFL Draft: What If WR, LT Can't Be Upgraded?

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With the 2012 NFL Draft swiftly approaching (24 days!), the bulk of discussions regarding the Buffalo Bills are still focused on two positions: left tackle and wide receiver. It brings up an interesting question that we're using as the basis of the below poll: if the Bills can't upgrade either position with a starting-caliber player in the draft, at which position will you feel most comfortable?

Right now, we'll make this poll between Donald Jones and Chris Hairston. Jones got the first shot at starting last season, and while that may not be true this year, we're not ready to proclaim Marcus Easley a worthy adversary given the fact that he's not made it to a regular season healthy at this point. Jones has had his moments in two years, but only has 41 catches to show for them. Hairston, meanwhile, was the backup left tackle that saw spot duty as a rookie, and with the top guy on the depth chart looking ready to depart via free agency, Hairston would slide into the starting lineup.

The question is below, and the comments section is all yours to hash it out.