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BR Community Mock Draft: Cleveland Browns Select...

The Buffalo Rumblings Community Mock Draft rolls along, with the No. 4 overall pick coming at you right now...

With the fourth overall pick in the BR Community Mock Draft, 'billsoferie' and the Cleveland Browns select Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

"The Browns have lots of needs," writes the GM. "They need a franchise quarterback, running back, wide receiver, and could also use some help on defense. The best players at the top of the draft fit these needs. The Browns could have addressed the quarterback position with Ryan Tannehill or could have solidified the wide receiver position with Justin Blackmon - or Morris Claiborne making a solid addition with Joe Haden - but I believe Trent Richardson was the better pick for several reasons."

"Simply put, I think Tannehill is too much of a reach at four," continues 'billsoferie'. "The argument can be made that if you think a guy can become a franchise guy, then you take him regardless of the draft position. Tannehill has potential, but he lacks the experience that would make me feel safe taking him with this pick. Claiborne is a great player and would make a great addition to the Browns defense, but Haden is already there playing well and drafting two corners in the Top 10 in three years might not be the best decision with much bigger needs in place."

"So, it really came down to Blackmon and Richardson," continues the GM. "The biggest factor for Richardson over Blackmon was the lack of running back depth and the abundance of receiver depth in this year’s draft. The Browns also posses the No. 22 pick and could fill that position with a top talent at that time. Richardson has the potential to make a greater impact immediately while not relying on Colt McCoy to get him the ball."

With that, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and GM 'ausbillsfan' are on the clock. Remember, GMs: send picks in to, and picks 5-8 are scheduled to run tomorrow. This was an efficient first day; let's keep it up! Great job, guys!