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2012 NFL Draft: Michael Floyd Says No Contact With Bills Since Combine

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In a Monday morning interview with Sirius NFL Radio, Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd said that he has not had any contact with the Buffalo Bills since the 2012 NFL Combine nearly two months ago. Floyd would later stress that he believes he's a good fit with the Bills, holders of the No. 10 overall pick in Thursday's 2012 NFL Draft.

Much has been made about the fact that Floyd was not among 30 pre-draft visitors to Orchard Park this spring, prompting GM Buddy Nix to address it last week in an interview with WGR 550.

"I spent the time at the combine with both (Floyd and Riley Reiff)," Nix said last Thursday. "I went to Notre Dame and visited with the guy. Went with Doug Majeski to Notre Dame for practice and also to do tape on him, and talk to everybody up there about him... we know Michael Floyd."

Naturally, there's a little discrepancy here. It's possible that Floyd, inundated by interview requests for the past several months, merely momentarily forgot his sit-down with Nix. Then again, it's possible that Nix was not referring to visiting with Floyd at his pro day, considering that he mentioned taking in a practice. Then again (again?), Nix may have been simply calling a pro day a practice, and not referring to an in-season scouting trip.

Floyd will be interviewed on WGR 550 this evening. As Bills fans try to see through the smoke to find the fire, clearing up this discrepancy would be most welcome.