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Bills Draft Rumors: Matt Kalil A Trade-Up Target, Per Report

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Charley Casserly of NFL Network is reporting this evening that the Buffalo Bills would like to trade up in the 2012 NFL Draft to select USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil - and that they're willing to give up a second-round pick to do it. This comes roughly 24 hours after Casserly reported - citing a source and everything - that the guy that the Bills really wanted was Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

The two Casserly reports don't necessarily contradict each other. If the Bills are truly interested in Tannehill, they'd likely need to move up to get him - just as they'd need to move up to get Kalil. Whoever the "source" is feeding Casserly may have just gotten his or her targets mixed up last night.

Then again, the reports are also rather remarkably different, particularly given that they're coming out a day apart. It's enough to question Casserly's sources in Buffalo - particularly when GM Buddy Nix has yet to make a draft-day trade in two years, and has been so publicly averse to the idea in talking with the media. We're not buying it - but it'd be unwise to completely rule it out, either.