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2012 NFL Draft Results: Buffalo Bills Select LB Nigel Bradham

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With the No. 105 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills have selected Florida State linebacker Nigel Bradham.

An excellent athlete, Bradham is known as one of the better coverage linebackers available in this year's draft class, particularly noted for his man coverage skills and his steady improvement in this area over his four-year career. The 6'2", 241-pound senior can play either the weak side or the strong side in Dave Wannstedt's scheme - which is good, considering that the responsibilities for those two positions switch based on offensive alignment - but his athleticism could make him a true three-down linebacker at some point.

For now, Bradham will have to compete with veteran Kirk Morrison, as well as some young reserves (we're thinking chiefly of Chris White here), for playing time - if not a starting gig. He does offer some immediate value not only as athletic depth with upside and as a specialist, but also as a potential sub-package coverage player, similar to the way the team already uses converted safety Bryan Scott.