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2012 NFL Draft Results: Buffalo Bills Select OL Mark Asper

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With the No. 178 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills have selected Oregon offensive lineman Mark Asper.

The Bills initially called the 6'6", 319-pound Asper a center, at least via their official Twitter feed. He is the third offensive lineman that the Bills have selected in eight picks this year, joining second-round pick Cordy Glenn and fifth-round pick Zebrie Sanders. Many considered Asper a right tackle prospect thanks to his size, while many others considered him a guard prospect, and the Bills have since confirmed that Asper is likely to serve as competitive depth at either of those two positions. He does, however, have experience in the pivot, where the Bills had problems a year ago, using four different players at the position.

Perhaps the most surprising part of this draft pick? The fact that Asper went to Oregon, which is decidedly not in the southeastern portion of the United States. (We kid. Kind of.) A real surprise, however: Asper is already 26 years old.

Buffalo has one more pick to make in this year's draft, and we'll have to wait a little while to get to it, as it's at No. 251 overall - a good 70 picks from now, and the third-to-last pick in the draft. Keep it locked in!