Happy Draft, and not so happy draft

So this is my first draft post, I'm sure I will come out with a mock a little bit later. But here is the deal. There are so many different directions that the Bills can go this year at 10 and I wanted to make a post saying what I would be happy with and what I would be not so happy with. I hope you all enjoy and I look forward to your comments.

Alright so I will start with the players and situations I would be happy with.

Trade Down- I think this is ultimately what I am hoping for because there are not a lot of players that I like at the top of this draft aside from Luck, RG3, Kalil, Blackmon, Claiborne, and Richardson. If we trade back we can pick up more picks in a draft that seems to be very deep at a lot of our needed positions but having no great players at 10 sitting there for us.

Kirkpatrick or GIlmore- We have a need at CB, These two guys are both tall, have long arms, and are fast. I would actually prefer Kirkpatrick over Gilmore. But if either of their names were called on draft day I would be fine with it. I have to say that I think our secondary will be good this year regardless of this pick because of the pass rush. The last few years I have gotten very frustrated with watching QB's sit in the pocket against us for 5-8 seconds and pick us apart without getting touched. I think our coverage has been very underrated because of the lack of pass rush. But I could go on for a full post about that so I will stop and continue. We have an aging CB in Mcgee, Mckelvin can't make a play on the ball to save his life, Rogers still has a LOT of work to do at the CB position (I am not as high on him as much as a lot of people are), but Williams and Florence are solid as starters. (See Pass Rush Comment from before).

Floyd or Hill- I am definitely more in favor in the Floyd choice, but I have watched highlights of Hill and he is a beast, he is tall and he is very fast which is what we need across from Stevie. However, I would rather see Floyd because he came from a more pro ready offense (although I do hate Notre Dame), he is VERY good, tall fast, good hands, everything you want in a receiver. As for his "character issues" I am not big on the whole character issue thing. These guys are college kids, they drink, they smoke, they party when they aren't playing football, its just college life. Some people get caught, some don't, I am not concerned. If you all recall, Aaron Maybin had no character flaws but Brian Orakpo occasionally took a play off and had some sort of trouble off the field at some point I believe but look how that turned out for us. And to be honest, I have a funny feeling that Hill could be the pick here, I know CHIX likes him and he's a Georgia Tech product.

Coples, Ingram, or Mercilus- YES... THAT IS CORRECT... ANOTHER DEFENSIVE END. I would not be shocked at all, nor would I be upset at all. Look at the Giants, you can never have enough pass rushers. The Giants have at least 4 guys that are crazy pass rushers and they have 2 Super Bowls in the last 5 years. So you know how to build a team and stop Tom Brady, get pass rushers pass rushers and more pass rushers. I love Anderson and Williams, but depth would not hurt at all. If Coples is there I actually kind of hope we take him and I can almost guarantee that Buddy will pull the trigger on that one. Ingram from what I hear could potentially play OLB which wouldn't hurt to have a versatile player like that. And Mercilus has also been connected to the Bills and he is a guy like Hill who it would not shock me at all if he was the guy on draft day. But come on, a pass rusher named Mercilus, you gotta love that. I know I will get his jersey if that happens.

Now onto the players that I would be unhappy with

Reiff, Martin, Adams, or Glenn- I do not like any of these players at 10. I have heard rumors of Adams or Glenn falling to us in the 2nd possibly. I know Brian picked Adams for his mocking the draft selection which I am sorry, it made no sense to me. Here is the deal. When a tackle is taken this high he is expected to start right away. I would not want any of these guys starting over Hairston. Hairston was a rookie 4th rounder thrown into the fire last year with Bell getting injured. We gave up the least amount of sacks in the NFL last year. We throw a lot of quick passes on offense so the LT isn't required to hold his block for a ton of time. Also, Hairston did not play bad last year. remember he was beat up too at the end of the season when the whole team was beat up. I agree that we NEED to get another tackle because we need depth. But Buddy has proven to be able to find O line talent later in the draft, plus he likes to have monstrous human beings on our line, and although by my standards all of these guys are monstrous, they are not Buddy Nix monstrous. I also think that left tackle is a VERY overrated position on offense. Yes it is important but people treat it like if a team doesn't have a GREAT LT then they can't be good. Well lets ask the Browns and Dolphins how those elite left tackles are treating them. Then lets see how a team like Pittsburgh with a revolving door on the left side with former below average Bills LT Jonathan Scott is doing. I couldn't tell you who Peyton Manning's LT was for the last 10 years because that line played together well as a unit. That is what we have right now in Buffalo with our line. They play well together in Chan's system and they are really high on Hairston too so I don't think we go with it in the first. Now after all of that, the main reason I would be unhappy with this pick is that I don't think any of these guys are very good.

Tannehill or Osweiler- I put Osweiler in here because I heard somewhere that someone picked him for the Bills at 10. I would hate that, I would also hate taking Tannehill. I watched both of these guys play last year and I don't see what is so special about either of them. Tannehill has a weird throwing motion and he has only been a QB for a little while. Tannehill is the guy in the draft that someone (I am hoping the Dolphins) will take WAYYYYYYYY too early and he won't even come close to beating out Matt Moore or David Garrard. We have a young QB in Fitz that we just gave a 5 year deal to. We can't waste a 1st rounder on a project QB when this team is in my mind a playoff team this coming season.

Kuechley- This one is simple, the NFL is a passing league, we will be in the nickle or dime a lot of the time and he will only be a 2 down player, which we can find later in the draft. Also, Boston College sucked last year and this guy just tackles. He doesn't make any big plays, he was the best player on a terrible defense and who knows how that will translate into the NFL. I see him as a London Fletcher, he makes tackles 5-10 yards down the field and he makes a lot of them. I think that with our D line this year we can take a LB later in the draft who can contribute rotating in occasionally because don't forget, we have 3 starting LBs with Barnett, Sheppard, and Morrison. So this guy would back up one of them and play special teams. I want my 10 overall pick contributing more than that from the start.

Kendall Wright- If he falls to us in the 2nd I would be alright with taking him. I just don't see him as a worthy 10 pick. He is too short and he isn't as fast as I thought he was going to be. We need a big fast receiver to help stretch the field. I think a lot of people agree this is way to early for him but I have seen people make the argument for him at 10.

Upshaw- If we were in the 3-4 still I would be fine with him but seeing that he is a 3-4 OLB I just don't like the fit for him in our defense. I don't think we will go this route either but I have seen him mocked to us even after the Williams and Anderson signings.

I am going to add another category and it is my I have no idea how I feel about it category-

Decastro- This guy is a beast, but our interior offensive line is great. I love the guys we have there, we already have depth at guard too with Rhinehart behind Urbik and Levitre. That is why I am so torn on this. He seems like a sure fire great player which is difficult to go against. But we have some VERY good young interior linemen that are coming into their prime and blocked for the leagues leading rusher until everyone started getting injured. So if I have to swing this pick one way or the other, I would say that I am more towards not happy with it just because of the fact that we have so much talent and talented depth at guard.

Well, there you go. I know some of you will disagree with me on some of my points and some of my picks but I welcome the criticism. These are my opinions and please feel free to agree or disagree with anything that I said. As the draft gets closer I will probably create a mock, I usually do. But this is a difficult year because there are SO MANY options for us. I will say though that this is the best problem that the Bills have had in a long time. I would rather have this problem than a glaring weakness that we NEED to upgrade in the first round no matter what. That is why I would be happy with so many different scenarios. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the read. GO BILLS!!!!

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