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NFL Draft Grades 2012: Buffalo Bills Scoring High

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2012 NFL Draft grades are starting to come out in all of their meaningless glory, and for what it's worth, the Buffalo Bills are generally scoring highly for their efforts over the weekend.

Nobody's praise is more effusive at this point than Michael Lombardi's over at NFL Network, who singled out the Bills as one of the weekend's winners - doing so even while thinking that Cordy Glenn is a guard. Weird. Lombardi in particular likes the two linebackers selected on Day 3 (Nigel Bradham and Tank Carder), touting them as eventual starters for Dave Wannstedt.

Mel Kiper's grade is the most conservative at this point; he gives the Bills a C for need-filling - thanks in large part to his view of Glenn as a guard - but a B for value, averaging them out to a B-minus. Pete Prisco of gives the Bills a B, but seems hung up on the questionable third-round move the team made in selecting T.J. Graham. Oh, and the guys at SBN Studios liked it enough to give out a B-plus; see why after the jump.

Frankly, we think that the grade that our readers gave over the weekend - compiled GPA-style, y'all are collectively handing out a 3.4 - is the most relevant grade this weekend, as it captures fan sentiment, rather than uselessly trying to predict how players will perform or complaining about who the team should've picked.