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2012 NFL Draft: Justin Blackmon, Russell Wilson To Visit Buffalo Bills

Add at least one - and possibly two - more names to the list of 2012 NFL Draft prospects that will be making pre-draft visits with the Buffalo Bills.

First, the big fish: Aaron Wilson of reports that Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon will be visiting Orchard Park at some point in the near future. Blackmon is considered by many to be among the half-dozen or so safest prospects available this year, and in most Round 1 projections is off the board well before the Bills' No. 10 overall pick. Reports are also emerging, however, that Blackmon may not be the consensus top-rated receiver this year within the league.

Then there's Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson, who tweeted on Tuesday that he'd landed in Buffalo, purportedly for a pre-draft visit. As I don't follow players on Twitter nor the Wisconsin football program too closely, I've no idea if this is actually Wilson's Twitter account, but we do know that the account isn't verified. That said, it would make a great deal of sense for the Bills to be interested in Wilson considering their interest in at least two other second-tier quarterback prospects, Brock Osweiler and Kirk Cousins.