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2012 NFL Draft: Trent Richardson Headlines Group Of Buffalo Bills Visitors

Alabama running back Trent Richardson headlines a group of four 2012 NFL Draft prospects making a pre-draft visit with the Buffalo Bills today, the team has confirmed.

Before you freak out and yell "JACKSON AND SPILLER" in all caps (or literally yell it), just keep in mind that the Bills are allowed to bring 30 players in before the draft, and they obviously can't pick them all. The Bills won't be in the market for a running back, but if Richardson is available at No. 10, it's nice to have this visit on the record to try to spice up some trade interest.

The other three visitors: Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams, Syracuse defensive end Chandler Jones and Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson. Of the four players in the building today, Wilson was the only one we knew would be coming in; you can therefore add three more names to the Bills' expanding list of visitors. Richardson is a consensus Top 10 pick. Adams - our pick in the 2012 SB Nation NFL Writers Mock Draft - is Round 1 talent with Round 2 tape, and has been all over the map on mock drafts. Wilson is considered a mid-rounder, while Jones could sneak into the second round.