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BR Community Mock Draft: Buffalo Bills Select...

The Buffalo Rumblings Community Mock Draft rolls along, with the No. 12 overall pick coming at you right now...

With the No. 12 overall pick in the BR Community Mock Draft, 'J2' and the Buffalo Bills select Iowa offensive tackle Riley Reiff.

"After snagging an extra third-rounder I finally took the tackle," J2 explains. "I had a difficult time with this. Dre Kirkpatrick and Quinton Coples were both serious considerations but I went with the 'safer' pick here."

Much more from the GM after the jump. The Arizona Cardinals and GM 'BuffaloBlueBlood' are now on the clock, with their pick scheduled for tomorrow; remember to send your picks to

"I took Reiff because this is the type of player that Buddy Nix likes," continues J2. "He'll bring his lunch pail to work with him every day. You're not going to have to worry about this kid's work ethic. He's 6'6", 315 pounds, and has the frame to get bigger if the Bills want him to. He's quick on his feet, does well in space, is a good technician and has good bending ability. He also has extensive experience in college playing in 37 games. People cite his short arms, but Jake Long and Joe Thomas have shorter arm length, so I'm not as concerned as some are - although it is a concern.

"I also took need into consideration here," the GM continued. "I'm not enamored with Chris Hairston, and Demetrius Bell just signed with Philadelphia, so there is a gaping hole at left tackle. Reiff may not be an elite athletic tackle prospect, but he certainly has the tools and work ethic to be a very, very good tackle for the Bills. Another reason tackle was considered was because of Ryan Fitzpatrick. His passer rating plummets to a 32.6 when he's under pressure, and he was the 38th-ranked ranked quarterback out of 42 for the 2011 season in average depth per target. That means that his targets are pitifully short at a pedestrian 8.1 yards per attempt. Reiff would go a long way toward changing that, giving Chan Gailey and Fitz more flexibility in the offense.

"Am I enamored with this pick? Not really, but I'm more than okay with it to the point that i'm happy about it," concludes J2. "Make no mistake, Buffalo is in a tough position and every player they could possibly take is going to get picked apart. I know Reiff's not an elite athletic talent, but elite athletic talent without work ethic or other pieces just don't do it for me. I like football players who are hard-working and do what it takes, and Reiff fits that bill. I've seen too many talented players wash out because they didn't put in the work necessary to be successful in the NFL, and I don't see that as an issue with Reiff. Couple that with Nix hinting at taking a tackle early, then Reiff is my man at No. 12."

Rd. # Team Player Pos. College Link/GM
1 1 Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck QB Stanford link
1 2 Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III QB Baylor link
1 3 Minnesota Vikings Matt Kalil OT USC link
1 4 Cleveland Browns Trent Richardson RB Alabama link
1 5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Morris Claiborne CB LSU link
1 6 St. Louis Rams Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State link
1 7 Jacksonville Jaguars Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame link
1 8 Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M link
1 9 Carolina Panthers Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State link
1 10 Seattle Seahawks David DeCastro OG Stanford link
1 11 Kansas City Chiefs Dontari Poe DT Memphis link
1 12 Buffalo Bills Riley Reiff OT Iowa link
1 13 Arizona Cardinals BuffaloBlueBlood
1 14 Dallas Cowboys driscode7
1 15 Philadelphia Eagles MarinoTheBill
1 16 New York Jets kfisk214
1 17 Cincinnati Bengals Buffalo Bird
1 18 San Diego Chargers BillsFanSanDiego619
1 19 Chicago Bears buzzin
1 20 Tennessee Titans billsfan0240
1 21 Cincinnati Bengals DanRoc
1 22 Cleveland Browns MynameisnotMike
1 23 Detroit Lions ALLaBorde
1 24 Pittsburgh Steelers JDSym
1 25 Denver Broncos TrufflePig
1 26 Houston Texans NJames
1 27 New England Patriots NoiseIsTheBestRevenge
1 28 Green Bay Packers sellison
1 29 Baltimore Ravens matthew62
1 30 San Francisco 49ers y2bianchi
1 31 New England Patriots suteck
1 32 New York Giants Hybrid1486